Put on a hat for children’s palliative care

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The ICPCN has declared the second Friday in October every year to be a day for raising funds and international awareness of the work of children’s hospices and children’s palliative care services worldwide.

As a sign of your support for and awareness of children’s palliative care you are asked to wear a hat to work or school on that day.

Hats on 4 CPC will be held on Friday 14 October this year and aims to raise awareness of the rights of very sick children to receive palliative care.

Each year 1.2 million children die from, and over 21 million children in the world live with, a life-threatening or life-limiting illness or condition that seriously diminishes their quality of life. Currently less than 1% of these children have access to children’s hospices or palliative care services.

Now into its third year, ICPCN hopes the awareness day will have an even greater reach and raise more funds than in previous years.

Calling for support from around the world for this awareness day, Joan Marston, ICPCN’s chief executive says: “We wear a hat to protect us from the sun or to make us look good. With children’s palliative care our goal is to protect children as much as possible from the effects of their illness while bringing as much joy and beauty into their lives as we can.

“By wearing a hat on Friday 14 October you will be part of a worldwide movement to reduce children’s suffering and to bring beauty and compassionate care into their short lives.”

Get involved in Hats on 4 CPC by downloading stickers, posters, flyers and other materials from the ICPNC website, or contact ICPCN at media@icpcn.org and they can send you details of your nearest participating children’s hospice.

If you are motivated to do more to raise awareness for these children, you can encourage your workplace, school or business to get involved. Alternatively get creative and host your own ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, or luncheon. Be sure to take photos and tag us using #hatson4cpc.

Wear a hat for children’s palliative care on Friday 14 October and show your support for all children with life-limiting illnesses. 

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