Relish launches all-new wellbeing hub as a result of skyrocketing dementia cases

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As of March 2023, the number of people conducting online searches for “how to look after someone with dementia” are up 200% from March last year.

  • Diagnosis figures report there to be a estimated 944,000 people living with dementia in the UK
  • Of this estimate, only 496,846 of these individuals are given confirmed diagnoses of dementia
  • More than 1.6million people in the UK will have dementia by 2050, studies show
  • In March of this year, online searches for “help with dementia” were up 1,600% from 2022 figures in the same month

The volume of online searches for “help with dementia” have also increased by 1,600% over the same period, indicating a rise in loved ones and relatives of those with dementia seeking methods of care and support.

Across the UK, half of all adults say that dementia is the health condition they fear most about getting in the future, while almost a third of people incorrectly believe that there are medicines available on NHS prescription that can slow the underlying diseases that cause dementia.

In essence, there is much fear surrounding dementia, but in some areas, room for growth in both understanding and awareness.

Creators of wellbeing products and games for all stages of dementia, Relish, have sought to respond to these statistics by connecting individuals seeking answers and knowledge with the right facts and information. As such, Relish has launched a brand new area of resources and wellbeing tips, containing insights into personal journeys, tips for independent living and positive wellbeing, as well as personal experiences of those living with dementia.

Experts at Relish have been speaking and listening intently to carers and people with dementia across the United Kingdom and United States of America, publishing their discussions in a series of open, honest and informative interview videos that explore the daily challenges present in the everyday lives of those affected by dementia, both directly and indirectly.

One such challenge that has been addressed is that of relationships with friends, family and loved ones, and how they can change as dementia progresses.

“A lack of understanding can hurt relationships, it is important to help [friends and family] to understand how to talk to you and what might change. We all just want to be treated the same fundamentally because we are still the same.” – Dr Jennifer Bute, Former GP now diagnosed with Dementia

Wellbeing can have a range of meanings, but Relish ties their advice into 8 key “levers” to help both people with dementia and their loved ones improve their wellbeing – each of which is thoroughly explored in videos, podcasts, blog content and more.

The Relish community of diagnosed individuals have provided key tips and advice on what they do to ensure that they live a fulfilled life after diagnosis. The resource also includes tips from a community of carers on how they assist their loved ones.

Commenting on the launch, Relish Brand Manager, Bianca Ansbro-Elliott stated:

“Overall, our hope for this collective hub of information and lived experiences is that it will enable people with dementia – and those that care for them – to find informative and reassuring answers to their questions, inspiration and guidance on methods of care and a sense of community and support.

Living with dementia, or caring for someone with it, comes with a variety of challenges, but we hope resources such as this will take some of the pressures away to improve the wellbeing of both the people living with dementia and their loved ones.”


Photo by Centre for Ageing Better on Unsplash

About Relish

Relish is an online retailer of dementia-friendly products and a source of information and advice for the management of all stages of dementia. Our mission is to help improve the overall wellbeing of people with dementia by providing fun, meaningful activities that help build their relationships with their family, friends and caregivers.


Online search volume statistics gathered via Semrush.

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