St Giles Hospice joins calls for a new model to fund end of life care

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With a financial crisis looming over the hospice sector, St Giles Hospice is supporting calls for a new model to fund end of life and palliative care.

In a recent survey by Hospice UK, it was uncovered that the hospice sector is facing an estimated deficit of £77 million in the 2023-24 financial year – primarily fuelled by rapidly rising costs.

Data suggests that adult hospices have to raise around two-thirds of their income from charitable funding.

For St Giles Hospice, it costs around £10 million a year to provide its specialist care services and, with 25% of this funded by the Government, the hospice relies on donations and income generation from the local community to continue its vital care.

Kristy Clayton, Director of Clinical Services at St Giles Hospice, said: “Our vision at St Giles is for ‘A world where everyone has fair access to specialist palliative and end of life care’ and it is only with appropriate funding from the Government that we can meet this vision.

“Every year, we care for thousands of people across Staffordshire, North Birmingham and surrounding areas, both on our Inpatient Unit and in their own homes.

“But with rising costs, exacerbated by the current economic climate, and donations squeezed as our supporters struggle to cope with the cost of living crisis, we need the Government to increase its funding to ensure that everyone continues to receive the end of life care that they deserve.

“After all, we only have one chance to get that right.”

A Parliamentary debate on hospice funding took place in the House of Commons on Monday 22ndApril’s.

Conservative MP Sally-Ann Hart said that the current funding model, which is reliant upon charitable fundraising, is “uncertain and unsustainable”, whilst Labour MP Colleen Fletcher added that “this sector’s reliance on fundraising for much of its income brings with it significant risks.”

St Giles Hospice was pleased to see this vitally important topic on the agenda, but is urging the conversation to continue.

“We’re facing a funding gap this year of £1.5 million and we know that we’re not alone, with many hospices across the UK in the same position,” added Kristy.

“It’s only thanks to our incredible local community that we’ve been able to care for patients, and their loved ones, over our 40-year history. But we need to ensure that St Giles is here for another 40 years, and beyond.

“We need a new funding model for end of life care – and we need it now.”



St Giles Hospice 

St Giles Hospice is a registered charity offering specialist palliative and end of life care, free of charge for people living with terminal illnesses, as well as providing support for their families and carers. Our services are rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Care is offered at the hospice’s centres in Whittington and Sutton Coldfield as well as in patients’ own homes across the region.

We spend around £10million a year providing our specialist services and, with 25% of this funded by the Government, we rely heavily on donations and income generation from the local community.


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