Telehealthcare training toolkits and case studies

Categories: Education.

The toolkits have been designed to be adaptable, and can be embedded into existing training programs. You can download resources for a 30 minute, one-hour or half-day training programme.

The toolkit is split into sections including resources, digital stories and ‘A weight off my mind’ research, which explores the impact and potential benefits of telecare. A ‘key facts’ handbook and quiz are also included. The toolkit can be ordered for free from Carers Scotland.

Telehealthcare is the integrated use of technology to deliver healthcare in the home or in the community. ehospice has previously reported on the use of telehealth in hospices, for example, the Heart of Kent Hospice’s ‘virtual ward’, as well as research on its effectiveness.

Carers Scotland have also released a number of video case studies detailing the benefits of telehealthcare. For example, the dementia case study video shows the implementation of mobile phone with GPS tracking, which can be used to support the independence of dementia patients.

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