The importance of cake

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Sometimes it is the little things which can make a big difference. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel cared for, or special – a kind word, a cup of tea, a beautiful cake made just for them.

A couple of years ago the National Council for Palliative Care ran a ‘Small is beautiful’ project, which involved asking patients and carers for examples of small, tangible things that made a real difference to them. Examples people shared included things like having their hair washed, getting their feet massaged and being brought a cup of tea in bed, as well as the way they were treated as individuals (rather than a medical condition) and being made to feel important.

The ‘Small actions, big difference’ photography exhibition, commissioned for Dying Matters Awareness Week last May, also captured the seemingly minor actions that can make a big difference to the quality of life for people and their carers.

Creating a special smile

Inspired by Icing Smiles in the USA, Little Angels’ Cakes is a network of cake makers and bakers throughout the UK who provide free cakes for birthdays or other milestones or events, to bring a little joy and happiness to children with life-threatening conditions, and their siblings and parents.

All baking volunteers are registered with their local council and hold the necessary health and safety and hygiene certificates. Other volunteers help by supplying baking goods and helping to deliver cakes.

Requests for cakes, or applications to volunteer, can be made via the Little Angels’ Cakes website.

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