The Strategic Leadership Programme

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This year’s programme now takes place over two 3-day modules and one 2-day module on:

  • 30 April, 1 May and 2 May 2018
  • 4 June, 5 June and 6 June 2018
  • 9 July and 10 July 2018

And, following positive feedback about the value of developing strong relationships with fellow participants in an environment that allows for relaxed learning, the programme has moved to a residential setting at Conference Aston in Birmingham.

The other change to the programme has been to embed Action Learning Sets in two of the modules. These provide opportunities for participants to discuss their local challenges in small groups so they can decide how to apply their learning in situ.

Throughout, structured conversation and connection with fellow participants are key to the programme, which introduces a wide range of tools and approaches including how to:  

  • understand organisations, and the difficulties of managing change and shaping organisational culture
  • understand individuals’ preferences in relation to change
  • consider new ways of building constructive relationships as well as organisational partnerships and collaborations
  • develop the necessary skills to engage local stakeholders in co-creating hospices’ future
  • participate in a range of activities to deepen strategic insight, enhance understanding and develop leadership expertise
  • learn about new theories, frameworks and models and participate in workshops to acquire new practical skills

To ensure a focus on strategic issues, each module includes time for participants to share their understanding of the landscape of end of life care while the programme as a whole encourages people to reflect on the strategy of their own organisation in this context, and to identify the leadership that may be necessary to deliver on that strategy.

For more information, or to book a place on the Strategic Leadership Programme, go to Hospice UK’s website.        

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