Virtual art gallery inspired by hospice patient helps people meditate

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Lawrie Perrins with his wife Wendy Teall

A new virtual art gallery inspired by a former hospice patient has launched, aiming to help people meditate with its works of art.

Look at Paintings guides visitors through a virtual gallery with six rooms, where paintings are grouped by themes including architecture, portraiture, nature and everyday life. For each painting there is an audio guide telling the real and imagined stories of the paintings, helping create feelings of connection, reflection and relaxation.

The virtual gallery is dedicated to Lawrie Perrins, a writer and photographer who was cared for by St Ann’s Hospice in Greater Manchester at the end of his life and whose love of art inspired the site.

His wife, Wendy Teall, said: “St Ann’s Hospice not only cared for Lawrie just prior to his passing, but has also played an important role in supporting me through the devastation and shock of losing him. Counselling, complementary therapies and art psychotherapy are all aspects of care that have been offered to me by the hospice, and that have strengthened me sufficiently to allow me to undertake the launch of this very special project that represents Lawrie and me.”

When Look at Paintings was imagined by Lawrie and Wendy, their idea was to help connect people who were isolated at home for whatever reason, so that they could still ‘visit’ an art gallery and get the benefits of slowing down and spending time with art. This has taken on a new meaning since the lockdown, as more people search for creative ways to look after their wellbeing.

Hazel Wilcock, Senior Counsellor at St Ann’s Hospice, said: “Lots of people find that art and creativity has a positive impact on their mental health. For some people, it can help them unwind and focus their mind on something positive and calming, for others it’s a helpful way to process and explore difficult emotions without needing to talk.

“Whatever the reason, I would actively encourage us all to look after ourselves by creating the time and space to do something creative and which gives us joy.”

For more information visit St Ann’s Hospice

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