West London NHS Trust recognised for its commitment to carers

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The West London NHS Trust has been given its first Carers Trust Triangle of Care star.

The Triangle of Care star is given by the carers’ charity to NHS organisations that show a pro-active commitment to ensuring carers are fully involved in patient care.

The Trust implemented the Triangle of Care in 2018, setting out how carers, service users and professionals should work together to support recovery and to sustain patient wellbeing by including and supporting carers.

This star is the first of three required before the Trust is given full recognition by the Carers Trust. The first star is for completing stage one (self-assessing all inpatient and crisis teams) and then committing to improve. The second star is for completing self-assessments for all of their community services, which includes all mental health, learning disability, older people and dementia and substance misuse services. The third star reflects how the Trust works with carers in an integrated care environment.

Gillian Kelly, Deputy Director of Nursing at West London NHS Trust, said:

“Carers have an integral part to play in ensuring that our patients are given the best care possible. Many of the carers are patients’ loved ones and without them, we cannot tailor to the patients’ everyday needs. Gaining the Triangle of Care star is an emblem to the incredible work our carers do. Our commitment now is to keep going and to gain all three stars.”

Kathryn Hill, Director for England at Carers Trust stated:

“The work that West London NHS Trust has done shows how the Triangle of Care can improve the lives of carers of people with mental health conditions. The Trust has demonstrated how they strive to include carers in their everyday work and that they clearly include carers in the development of their ongoing projects. It is evident that the Triangle of Care is embedded throughout all levels in the Trust.”

Donna Bradford, Interim Project Manager for the Triangle of Care, for Carers Trust, recently visited the Team to assess their ongoing work. Donna stated:

“I am very impressed with the work that West London has done and I congratulate them for completing their first stage of Triangle of Care. It is evident that there is buy-in from all levels of the Trust and that they have embraced the Triangle of Care in an exceptional way. Their information and involvement is of note, and carers are clearly involved in the development of services and throughout the organisation. I applaud the work done and want to congratulate the Trust for their achievements.”

For more information visit West London NHS Trust: Triangle of Care

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