Announcing Inaugural Executive Team for Alivia Care, Inc.

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Alivia (alleve- ē- uh) Care, Inc. (based in Jacksonville, Florida), announced its inaugural executive team with the appointments of Susan Ponder-Stansel as President and Chief Executive officer, Phillip Ward as Chief Operating Officer, and Gregg Dixon as Chief Financial Officer.

Susan Ponder-Stansel served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Hospice & Palliative Care for more than 31 years, and her visionary leadership resulted in one of the largest hospice and palliative care organizations in the nation. Community provides care to more than 8,000 hospice patients and 8,500 palliative patients annually in North Florida’s sixteen counties. It was her vision that also resulted in the addition of innovative care solutions and the formation of Alivia Care, Inc. “We wanted to be able to serve more patients in more places at an earlier stage in their disease progression. That is why we formed Alivia Care. We are bringing innovative care solutions to our community to help patients live better with advancing illness,” said Ponder-Stansel.

Alivia Care serves as the parent for organizations that provide hospice care, palliative care, advanced care, Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), home health, and supportive care. These innovative care solutions come together to create a continuum of care designed to meet the needs of patients and families at each stage of the disease progression. “This is more than just end of life care. This is about meeting patients where they are and when they need us the most. Our model of care fills the gaps of care of the traditional health care system with compassion,” added Ponder-Stansel.

Phillip Ward has more than 20 years of service with Community Hospice and served as Chief Operating Officer since 2007. In addition to his role with Alivia Care, the Board of Directors of Community Hospice & Palliative Care appointed Ward to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer, the position formerly held by Ponder-Stansel. In this dual role, Ward will provide direct oversight to Community Hospice & Palliative Care in Florida and the larger organization’s hospice operations. This expansion of hospice care includes the formation of Alivia Care of Georgia and its first affiliate organization, Hospice of the Golden Isles, headquartered in Brunswick. “Alivia Care is supporting hospice and palliative care organizations like Community Hospice and Hospice of the Golden Isles to strengthen these great programs. We like to say that we are ‘stronger together, stronger than ever’ because of our affiliation through Alivia Care,” added Ward.

Gregg Dixon joined Alivia Care after serving as Chief Financial Officer of Community Care Partners in Asheville, North Carolina. In his previous role, Gregg was responsible for all aspects of Mission Health’s Post-Acute Care’s financial affairs, including home health, hospice, PACE, outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, rehab hospital, a 34-bed LTACH, and its foundation. Dixon adds a wealth of finance, growth and expansion experience, and strategic planning to the executive team. “I am pleased to join this growing and innovative program and join the larger community of North Florida. This is an organization that enjoys a great reputation and a solid financial position from which to grow. I look forward to working with this team,” said Dixon.

This dynamic, tenured team will fulfill the mission of Alivia Care, Inc. by providing leadership support to create innovative care solutions through best in class services, collaborative partnerships, and strategic investments. They will also help actualize Alivia’s vision as a platform to create transformative care solutions that meet the needs of patients, providers, and communities. In collaboration with its board of director’s, Alivia’s eadership team developed the following strategic imperatives:

  • We empower patients living with advanced illness and their caregivers with information and alternatives so that they make informed decisions about the care they receive.
  • We transform the patient experience with compassionate care that is of the highest clinical quality and honors patients’ preferences.
  • We are an essential and trusted partner in our healthcare system, collaborating with providers, and payers to develop care solutions that add value and address critical needs.
  • We demonstrate leadership by investing and collaborating in developing and delivering innovative care solutions care through our partner organizations.

Alivia Care, Inc. is designed to care all ways, always to help people Live Better.

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Alivia (alleve- ē- uh) Care, Inc., is a 501c3 based in Jacksonville, Florida, whose mission is to provide leadership support to create innovative care solutions through best in class services, collaborative partnerships, and strategic investments. After a multi-year strategic planning effort focused on anticipated changes in patients’ care with advanced illness, the Board and executive leadership of Community Hospice & Palliative Care formed Alivia Care Inc. in 2020. The strategic intent of Alivia Care, Inc. is to provide a structure that will support the expanded mission and vision of Community Hospice & Palliative Care and prepare it to respond to changes in care delivery and reimbursement for patients living with advanced or chronic illnesses. The structure of Alivia Care was also designed to support additional programs and services beyond hospice care that will fulfill its goal of serving more people in more places, to help them live better with advancing illness. For more information, go to

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