Avow Releases Free ‘How-To’ Videos for Caregivers of Hospice, Palliative Care Patients

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Avow (based in Naples, Florida) announced on March 31 that it has launched a series of videos that provide tips and instructions for caregivers of those who are patients in its hospice care and palliative care programs. The videos are available in English and Spanish, and feature members of Avow’s clinical care teams. Family members and the public can find and view the videos by visiting Avow.TV.

“We developed the caregiver video series to help support the families of our patients, who are often overwhelmed by caretaking responsibilities,” said Rebecca Gatian, Chief Clinical Officer for Avow. “They offer practical advice that can help answer caregiver questions and reassure family members in difficult times. Our phone line is open 24/7, but the videos can answer questions that caregivers may be reluctant to call about.”

Topics addressed in the videos include how to deal with anxiety, restlessness, and fatigue; coping with sadness, depression and burnout; relieving shortness of breath; treating pain; and understanding medication side effects. More videos will be added in the future.

In addition to the practical how-to caregiver videos, Avow has also posted relaxation and stress relief clips on Avow.TV. Those videos feature Avow’s licensed and certified complementary therapists, who blend clinically proven healing modalities into sessions featuring music, movement, and imagery.

For more information about Avow, visit www.avowcares.org.

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