Call to Action: Contact your legislators to support hospice

Categories: Policy.

Today, you can make a tangible difference for hospices across the nation. Hospice Action Network and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization are encouraging all hospice supporters to call their Members of Congress and voice their concern about the Hospice & Medicare Part D issue.

On June 17, over 240 of your fellow Hospice Advocates, representing 47 states and districts, and every discipline in the IDT, are in Washington, DC, visiting more than 300 Congressional offices to call for support of hospice.

Advocates on Capitol Hill will request that Congress ask CMS to temporarily suspend the Part D implementation for hospices- and Americans across the national are needed to convey this same message from their homes.  

The Hospice Action Network has created an easy to use online “Click to Call” Campaign that will help people understand the issue and then connect them to their Congressional representatives. The whole process should take no longer than 30 minutes, start to finish- that’s all it takes for you to make a difference.

To watch our video, which explains the Part D policy changes, and how the calling system works to connect you to your Members of Congress, visit this special page of the Hospice Action Network website.

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