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Interviewer Ari Shapiro spoke with Sandberg about the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Dave Goldberg, at the age of 47while on vacation. The Facebook executive and mother of two entered a period of darkness and grief that she shares and explores in the new book, “Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience And Finding Joy.”

Sandberg explained that people responded differently to her following her husband’s death.

In the interview she shares, “My interactions before – I would drop my kids off at school, and you know, the parents and I would all wave to each other – show up at work, and everyone would chit chat. A lot of that just stopped, and people kind of looked at me like I was a ghost. And it’s not just death which does this. It’s really all forms of adversity. You want to silence a room, get diagnosed with cancer, you know, have someone in your family go to prison, lose a job, sexual assault.”

“These things are uncomfortable, and because they’re uncomfortable, people are often afraid of saying the wrong thing and often say nothing at all. And then we have this huge elephant in a room following us around. And one of the reasons I wrote the book and I’m launching is that the problem with that is that we then don’t help each other when we most need that help.”

Listen to the complete interview on the NPR website.

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