Final day of Virtual Hill Week in support of hospice

Categories: Community Engagement and Policy.

Activity throughout Virtual Hill Week (September 9 – 13) has been amazing. Almost 400 advocates have taken over 2,500 Advocacy Actions! This morning, Hospice Action Network announced that there are 18 (!!) New Bill Cosponsors for legislation the hospice community supports.Click here for the list of new cosponsors.


HAN really want to get up to 500 Advocates and 3,000 Advocacy Actions, as well as ensure that every state has their voices heard! Today is the final day of Virtual Hill Day 2019. If you haven’t yet contacted your Members of Congress, please take five minutes to do so.


If you are very short on time, the most important action you can take is making a phone call on behalf of the Rural Access to Hospice Act. When you log in to the Take Action Module and put in your home address, look for the phone icon on the far left to get the phone numbers and short script. Phone calls have a higher likelihood of making an impact, so we encourage everyone to PLEASE, make your phone calls and send emails!


Hospice Action Networks thanks everyone who has participated so far: it is amazing to see the impact you can have in just a few days.

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