Hospice Outreach

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Caring Connections provides many resources for promoting hospice and palliative care services within your community. The below resources may be downloaded from or accessed from the Caring Connections website.

PowerPoint presentations:

  • Understanding Hospice, Palliative Care and End-of-Life Decisions (English)
  • Hospice Can Help You and Your Family (English)
  • Hospice Can Help You and Your Family (Spanish)
  • Hospice Can Help You and Your Family (Chinese)

Consumer brochures on hospice and palliative care

  • What is Hospice?
  • Hospice Care: A Consumer’s Guide to Selecting a Hospice Program
  • Hospice Care and the Medicare Hospice Benefit
  • Hospice Volunteers: Helping People LIVE
  • What is Palliative Care?
  • How Can Palliative Care Help Me?
  • The Dying Process-A Guide for Family Caregivers
  • Additional Caring Connections brochures, including materials in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Additional information on Hospice:

  • Facts and Figures of Hospice Care from NHPCO
  • Hospice Provides What Americans Want at the End of Life
  • Common Misconceptions About Hospice
  • The Medicare Hospice Benefit
  • Talking About Treatment Options and Palliative Care: A Guide for Physicians and Other Clinicians [PDF]

NHPCO Outreach Guide and Resources are available on the NHPCO website; members will need their ID and password to access these materials that include:

  • outreach guide and outreach suggestions
  • article collection
  • media outreach documents
  • ad slick collection
  • member logos
  • professional journal articles
  • and more.

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