Hospice technology firms build community on the web

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The article was originally published by The Hospice Insider | November 30, 2016

CareFlash’s partnership with CrowdRise to build the new feature, which members of its Careopolises started using this week, is just one of the ways web-based businesses are helping caregivers connect with and empower networks of friends and family members that stretch across the globe.

Empowering loved ones

Founded in 2006, Drayer’s company operates on a strong belief people will do everything they possibly can to help a loved one who needs care because they are dying, recovering from an injury, or struggling with another mental or physical condition.

But these attempts to help can sometimes cause the person’s caregivers anxiety – particularly if they must explain what’s happening to their loved one again and again or adjust an already busy schedule to meet someone else’s needs – that only adds to the stress associated with their duties.

Drayer’s company works to reduce this anxiety by creating a system of Careopolis websites that serve as a virtual meeting place where caregivers can share information about their loved one’s condition and what they might need.

Each of these websites comes with a blog where the caregiver can post regular updates about their situation, computer generated animations that explain medical terms and conditions so the caregiver doesn’t have to, and an on-line calendar where they can post the times they need help the most…

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