House passes Opioids bills

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The legislative package supports a range of activities, including public education and awareness campaigns, prevention and treatment programs, first responder training, programs to strengthen coordination with law enforcement and substance abuse agencies, as well as other public health activities. For you amateur policy wonks, you can read an overview of the various bills here.

The package will now be merged with an Opioid bill that passed the Senate earlier this year, and the two chambers will have to work out differences in the bills, especially differences over funding. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest this week expressed frustration that the House package did not include any new funding to support the activities outlined in the bill, authorizing instead a reallocation of existing funds.

The Hospice Action Network and NHPCO will continue to closely monitor this issue to ensure that lawmakers take into account the unique needs of patients at the end of life. Stay tuned.


ehospiceUSA share an article on the CDC guidelines for prescribing Opioids for chronic page.

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