Las Vegas Couple Celebrates a Rare 76th Wedding Anniversary

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Photo: Byron and Nancy Houseworth, sitting; left is Chaplain Richard Martin, then Helena Desjardin, CNA, far right is Kara Hill, social worker.

(LAS VEGAS – June 19, 2019) – 97-year-old Byron Houseworth may be suffering from the late stages of dementia, but as he and his wife Nancy celebrate their 76th anniversary with the care team from Nathan Adelson Hospice, it is clear that their love has not diminished after three-quarters of a century together.

The Nathan Adelson Hospice care team enjoys being part of the couple’s life and helping them during Byron’s journey of care. When the team learned about the Houseworth’s upcoming anniversary, they wanted to do something special. With a beautiful floral arrangement, cake and a card, the care team and the Houseworth’s son surprised the couple with an impromptu celebration.

The Census Bureau reports that only about one-tenth of one percent of all marriages ever reach this milestone. Asked about the secret to their long lives and lasting marriage, Nancy says, “I’m not sure there’s any big secret. We agreed on so much and argued so little. Together we enjoyed food, healthy exercise, and found that raising our family brought us great joy.”

The couple was married when Byron was able to secure a short leave from the Navy during World War II. After their wedding, the couple traveled cross country by train, returning to Key West, Florida where Byron served as a signalman. Soon the Navy found a new role for the musically-talented Byron, posting him with a Navy band that entertained soldiers and sailors returning from the war.

Members of the Nathan Adelson Hospice care team make regular visits to the Houseworth’s Sun City home. “They are such a delightful and gracious couple,” said Kara Hill, Home Care Specialist. “Their lives are still full of joy, which makes spending time with them especially rewarding.”

About Nathan Adelson Hospice
Nathan Adelson Hospice, the trusted partner in hospice care and palliative medicine for over 40 years, is the oldest, largest and only non-profit hospice in Southern Nevada, caring for an average of 400 hospice and palliative care patients daily. In 1978, Nathan Adelson Hospice began providing home care hospice service in Southern Nevada with the mission to offer patients and their loved ones comprehensive end-of-life care and influence better care for all in the community.  In 1983, Nathan Adelson Hospice opened an inpatient hospice in Las Vegas, and today the hospice is recognized as a national model for superior hospice care. Its vision is simple: no one should end the journey of life alone, afraid or in pain.

The hospice also is home to The Center for Compassionate Care, a non-profit counseling agency providing individual, group, and family counseling services to address grief, loss, and issues related to surviving life-threatening illnesses.

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