Last game not last word from Lauren Hill

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Lauren Hill’s last basketball game at Mount St. Joseph’s College was not her last word. In fact, it’s become a springboard for her to live as many moments as she can and to raise a million dollars for cancer research by December 31st. Our Hospice of South Central Indiana is helping her reach that goal.

In addition, Lauren is sharing her hospice experiences of convenience, comfort and collaboration so that others can see how hospice helps patients live more moments of life and cross off items on their to-do list.

“Hospice is really, really helpful,” said Lauren. “And they’re gonna help me reach that goal (raise one million dollars for research) because they keep me on my feet and feeling as best as I can possibly feel.”


Lauren and her family have shared her story as part of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice campaign, that is helping millions of people understand the many benefits hospice offers.

“In this campaign, we are looking for real stories that show patients’ abilities to ‘enjoy more’ as a result of their experience on hospice,” said Anita Brikman, senior vice president of communications for NHPCO. “No matter what format is used, these stories show America that even when you’re dying, there is still a lot of living to do.”

For many who have not seen hospice in action, it has become a common misconception that hospice patients are merely lying in bed, waiting for their end to come. For families who have experienced hospice, they see the focus is not on dying—it is about living as fully as possible. Hospice not only provides the highest quality care, it affords more moments, memories and opportunities.

For more information about the ways hospice can help people with a life-limiting illness, or to find a hospice in your community, or share other videos about all hospice can do, please visit



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