New issue of pediatric e-journal

Categories: Care and Education.

The newest edition of the Pediatric E-Journal is now available online. Issue #61 is focused on self-care in connection with pediatric palliative and end-of-life care.

The collection of articles covers many aspects of self-care, including resilience, collaborative patient care and practitioner self-care, and staff debriefing. There is also a collection of resources for those seeking guidance or assistance in self-care.

In the introduction to issue #61, the e-journal editors write:  “Now, it is important to note here that this issue was planned over a year ago and we could not have imagined the world in which we find ourselves now with the Coronavirus pandemic. Although older adults have suffered the brunt of the infection, the challenges that this pandemic has created affect all of us. Not only have we had to create different ways of being, we have had to create different ways to provide care and services to all populations. For many, there have been significant disruptions. We do not make light of the current situation and plan to revisit this topic, and the lessons learned from it, later in the next issue of this Pediatric e-Journal in a way that is commensurate with its significance.”

Download the E-Journal (PDF) for free today.

The Pediatric E-Journal is produced by the NHPCO Pediatric E-Journal Workgroup. An archive of previous issues is available online.

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