Partnership Announced between Ai and NHPCO

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National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Audacious Inquiry this week announced a strategic partnership to improve care quality by increasing connectivity, expanding access to care, and promoting advocacy efforts across the hospice and palliative care communities. The collaboration will leverage Audacious Inquiry’s nationally deployed software solutions to improve communication and connectivity, deeply integrating the hospice and palliative care communities into the care continuum in order to provide high-quality end-of-life care.

Palliative Care is an interdisciplinary care model that seeks to provide patients with severe, life-limiting illness relief from the pain and stress of their condition. It has become an increasingly vital service as our healthcare system transitions to population health management. Through tools such as Ai’s Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®), alerting the Palliative Care community of their patients’ hospitalizations as well as informing hospital care teams of existing palliative care efforts, will ensure more seamless and effective course of treatment. This collaborative effort will see the NHPCO’s expertise in the hospice and palliative care space join with Ai’s technology and strategic advisory capabilities to yield a robust set of resources and knowledge aimed to further a population health management approach to patient care.

For over a decade, Ai has provided software solutions and strategic advisory to advance connected healthcare and support interoperability initiatives throughout the United States. This new partnership allows NHPCO to leverage Ai’s national deployments, enabling increased member integration with hospitals and SNFs. With access to Ai’s connectivity and software offerings, such as ENS, NHPCO members possess a network and tools for enhanced population health management, allowing them to provide more timely, comprehensive care management and support for patients and their families.

By virtue of our partnership with Ai, NHPCO members will have access to tools that will help connect them to the rest of the health care spectrum,” said Edo Banach, NHPCO president and chief executive officer. “This increased connectivity supports population health management initiatives by improving communication and care coordination, ensuring high quality care for patients with serious illness.”

In addition to improving connectivity and quality of care, the NHPCO and Ai will use the joint resources and expertise gained through this partnership to advance advocacy efforts in the hospice and palliative care space.

Scott Afzal, president of Ai, said “We believe deeply in the work NHPCO and its members are advancing. Through Ai’s software solutions deployed throughout the country, we are partnering to improve care coordination to better serve this community of providers and patients.”

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About National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
NHPCO is the largest nonprofit membership organization representing hospice and palliative care programs and professionals in the United States. The organization is committed to improving end-of-life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones. To learn more, visit

 About Audacious Inquiry
Audacious Inquiry (Ai) is a health information technology and policy company that provides bold solutions for connected healthcare. Ai’s industry-shaping technology offers efficient and cost-effective solutions for care coordination; their nationally-recognized team-members provide actionable strategic consulting, and their services raise the bar for leveraging health data.  To learn more, visit

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