Remembering a palliative care nurse’s sacrifice for patients in need

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A blog post published on the website Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice, tells the story of Claire Muhumuza. Her compassion and commitment to her patients outweighed the danger she faced.  She gave up her life to save others. Her courage to care for others inspired a U.S. hospice professional to do something in Claire’s memory.

An excerpt from the blog helps describe Claire’s dedication to serve:

Claire was a nurse in Kibaale in South Western Uganda, a region so remote that there are no physicians to administer morphine to those who are in serious pain or are terminally ill.  Claire was given a scholarship to attend a clinical program for one year in Kampala to become certified to administer pain medication.  She left her home, husband and two sons for training because she understood how important it was to be able to provide comfort and compassion to those who were suffering.   

Once certified, Claire returned home to Kibaale and began working as Clinical Officer at Kagaadi hospital.   She moved her family into a small room within the hospital and went straight to work utilizing the knowledge and training that she had received.  She was also blessed with another child.  A baby girl named Musimenta – which means “gift from God.”

In 2012, the Ebola hemorrhagic fever broke out in Kibaale and the hospital started filling with people who were infected. Claire noticed that many of her colleagues were not returning to work because they were frightened to catch the disease.  Claire refused to abandon those who needed care...

Read the complete article on the Moments of Life blog.


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