Social Media Day is November 4

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We want the hospice and palliative care community to flood social media with images that promote awareness of hospice and palliative care. This informal theme, “Hospice Awareness,” will allow participants to share a wide range of photos, images or videos – all to help people better understand the value of hospice and palliative care.

Use the hashtags #HospiceMonth, #HospiceAwareness and #hpm 

Keep reading to learn how to get involved and why participating will benefit your organization.n.

What is a “Social Media Push”?

A social media push is a coordinated social media effort. A social media push relies on organizations and individuals to post similar content and uniform messaging on social media channels on the same day. You put out posts on your organization’s (or your personal) social media pages, primarily Facebook and Twitter but also Pinterest and Instagram if you or your organization is active on those sites. We want to flood social media with images showing all the special things for which hospice and palliative care are known.

Is there a specific theme?

The general theme is “Hospice Awareness” which should allow for a good deal of creativity to help increase the presence of hospice and palliative care during November’s National Hospice and Palliative Care Month.

How does one designate a post as part of a specific Social Media Push?

Use the hashtags #HospiceMonth, #HospiceAwareness and #hpm within the text of your social media post.  NHPCO staff – as well as hospice and palliative care social media fans – will search for those hashtags on November 4 and throughout the month.

Why is a Social Media Push done on one specific day?

A social media push is done on the same day so that key messages are seen by as many people as possible – the more people who see the content, the better. This is how social media content can become “viral”.

What type of content should the social media push feature?

Social media posts on November 4 should feature photos, graphics or short videos provided by hospice and palliative care organizations/professionals or individuals that capture hospice and/or palliative care at its best – the specific post we leave up to you!

What social media channels will be used?

The social media push will be primarily featured on Facebook and Twitter but there is growing awareness on Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Who can participate in the social media push?

Anybody can participate. This includes hospice and palliative care providers, professionals, volunteers or any member of the general public.

What’s most important is that you have fun and be creative as we work together to raise awareness of hospice and palliative care on November 4, 2016! 

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