Temporary Halt to CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement Nationwide 

Categories: Policy.

Late on November 30, 2021, a Louisiana federal district court judge issued a preliminary injunction (PDF) that temporarily halted CMS’ COVID-19 vaccine requirement for healthcare workers nationwide.

The ruling was in a lawsuit brought by the State of Louisiana and joined by the states of Utah, Indiana, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia, but the judge determined that health care workers in other states also would be affected by the CMS mandate and therefore applied the preliminary injunction nationwide, except in the 10 states already subject to an injunction pursuant to a separate case.

CMS is expected to file an appeal, but the timing on further action isn’t yet known.”

NHPCO members may download a Regulatory Alert from the NHPCO website with some additional information.

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