The Life Story of Dr. Bernice Catherine Harper

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The world is filled with remarkable people – leaders and heroes whose values guide them to place the needs of others above their own, who strive for the betterment of others, and who use their strength to fight for those in need. Social media and news outlets share stories of these heroes and heroines, but there are many more of these humble leaders who do not receive mainstream recognition for their contributions.

This is the story of one such woman – one whose life has been dedicated to those in need – and her many contributions. This is a woman who has chosen a life of service over a life of comfort; a woman who never backs down when faced with adversity. This is a woman who fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a missionary to Africa. This is a strong, compassionate, resilient woman who has dedicated her life’s work to ensuring all people have access to a comfortable and dignified death. Dr. Bernice Catherine Harper, MSW, MScPH, LLD, who turns 100 this month, recently reflected on the history of Global Partners in Care (formerly the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa) along with her own history as a pioneer in the field of social work and hospice care.

Visit the Global Partners in Care website to read the full article, “To Care for the Dying, First Love and Care for the Living,” by Jacob Fry and Lacey Ahern.

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