Turn-Key Health Publishes Report on Home-Based Palliative Care

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PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the release of its new white paper, authors at Turn-Key Health (Turn-Key) document the value of specialized palliative care to effectively manage serious or advanced illness populations, providing health systems, at-risk provider groups and other organizations with a playbook for optimizing these services to improve quality and decrease expense.

Download “Home-based Palliative Care: A Playbook for Health Systems to Optimize Care for Advanced Illness” to gain a better understanding of the current healthcare ecosystem, the shifting of risk within the healthcare environment, the characteristics and challenges associated with populations burdened by an advanced illness, and what is and is not working to improve quality and cost within this population.

Learn more about the benefits of a population health approach to community-based palliative care: earlier identification and engagement through predictive analytics/AI; structured, consistent, effective engagement with members and caregivers; streamlined care coordination, communication and reporting of patient progress to treating physicians and the medical home; programmatic accountability and scalability for larger populations across broad diverse geographic regions.

“In this white paper, our team illustrates the current and historical challenges associated with managing advanced illness, and skillfully synthesizes the opportunity to push beyond the traditional confines of referral-based palliative care to a structured population health approach that truly enables a palliative medical home model,” says Greer Myers, president, Turn-Key, serving health plans, provider organizations and their members who experience a serious or advanced illness. “With a vast, proprietary network of palliative care professionals to provide supportive home-based assessments and interventions, our Palliative Illness Management model is designed to communicate relevant information to the primary treating physician / medical home and foster better communication, ensuring that care delivery is aligned with patient goals.”

Turn-Key Health offers meaningful solutions for:

  • Health systems and provider risk-bearing entities, such as Accountable Care Organizations and Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Medicaid and dual eligible plans
  • Commercial payers, self-funded organizations, and Administrative Services Only (ASO) contracts.

About Turn-Key Health
Turn-Key Health, an Enclara Healthcare company, serves health plans, provider organizations and their members who are experiencing a serious or advanced illness. Its Palliative Illness Management™ (PIM™) model introduces a new, innovative option to improve care quality, address costs and reduce burdens associated with life-limiting illnesses.

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