26 graduate with Diploma in Higher Education in Palliative Care from Nairobi Hospice

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Nairobi Hospice in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University (OBU) from the UK held a graduation ceremony for Diploma in Higher Education in Palliative care students in Nairobi.

During the ceremony Nairobi Hospice Chairman Dr Sobbie Mulindi commended the tireless effort, support and encouragement of the teaching team and the unwavering support from OBU that has assisted the students to achieve such great success.

“No doubt, your knowledge, skills and positive attitudes have been greatly enhanced so that you are competent practitioners, educators and advocates for palliative care wherever you will be,” said Dr Mulindi.

He urged the graduates to make a positive difference and impact in the lives of patients and their families in need of palliative care.

“Be agents of change, even in palliative care education wherever you will be, doing your best with whatever resources you have.” He told the graduands.

In his address to the students, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Life Sciences at OBU Dr Simon Dowell said that the graduation presented an opportunity to recognise the significant effort put forward over the course of their studies.

He said that it was a proud moment for the graduates who are joining other doctors, nurses, social workers and physiotherapists from African countries including Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Gambia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya who have already completed the course.

“Caring for the sick and the vulnerable is a very great privilege. Your patients or clients let you into their lives in the most intimate way, sharing their hopes and fears and looking to you for help and support. Your contribution to their lives makes a difference,” said Dr Dowell.

Each of you, he said, has needed to work hard over a considerable period of time and to organise your life so that you can attend classes, complete assessment work and engage with the course and with your fellow students.

“Quietly and behind the scenes, your supporters have helped to make this possible and I want to thank them also for their part in your success.” Dr Dowell said.

He told the graduates that their education and level of skill makes a difference to patient’s lives thus making them special people.

Dr Dowell wished the graduates success I their future careers urging them to keep in touch with the OBU family and family of thinkers and educators that they are now part off.

In his closing remarks, Senior Lecturer at OBU reminded the graduates of the Alumni Programme urging them to join and be part of the growing community.

The graduation ceremony saw 26 students awarded with Diplomas in Higher Education in Palliative care.

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