Fundraising appeal launched for Hospice Africa Uganda patient

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An emotional fundraising appeal has been launched by a volunteer doctor at Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU) to try and secure a new hip for one of her patients. 

Writing on the fundraising site ‘Your Giving’ Sara writes:

“We’re raising funds for a hip replacement for twenty year old Hadijah [Not her real name]. She lives in Uganda, was born with HIV and has developed a hip problem which urgently needs surgery that she just can’t afford.”

Sara goes onto explain the backstory:

“Hadijah* lives in Uganda, was born with HIV and lost both her parents to the disease. She got pregnant when she was 18, developed a blood clot in her leg and spent over 6 months in hospital because of complications. During that time her hip bone died due to a lack of blood supply. She walks with crutches but wasn’t able to finish school because she couldn’t climb the stairs. Having a hip replacement means a lot to Hadijah. We hope it will dramatically improve her quality of life, relieving her of pain and allowing her to walk. 

In Hadijah’s words:

“Initially the pain in my leg was so bad, to the extent that I wanted to die. I couldn’t walk and my brother decided to take my baby to a baby’s home. I got help from hospice who gave me pain relief, but I thought I was going to be lame for the rest of my life. When the surgeons told me they could do an operation I began to hope again. But I just don’t have the money. I want to go back and finish school, get a job, get a place where I can stay and then I can look after my baby again.”

The operation including post operative care costs 5 million Ugandan Shillings, which is about £1323.40 [$1,900]. Hadijah lives with friend’s parents who provide her with shelter and food in kind but other than this she has no financial support. If there is any money remaining we will use it as a contribution towards her school fees.

If you have been moved by her words then please contribute something, whatever the size, as it will make a huge difference to her life and the life of her baby. Thank you.”

If you would like to donate please click here. For more information about HAU please click here

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