Good governance is key: meet the APCA Board of Directors for 2022 to 2025

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Good governance is an essential element for any company, and more so for the non-profit organisations who must remain beyond reproach in the eyes of their members, partners, funders and the general public. Good corporate governance not only ensures that a non-profit meets legal and ethical standards, but it improves the overall strength of the organization. Well-documented systems, processes and procedures increase efficiency in the workplace, and when challenges or new potential projects arise, these and a responsive board ensure that the organisation has the right framework to succeed and continue to grow. APCA takes pride in its governance structure which has provided guidance and strategic direction over the years.

The Governance structure of APCA is composed of men and women with diverse skills-set and professions, and from the various regions of the continent, who are elected every three years. Their voluntary participation on APCA’s board is set to enhance both the organization’s operations and sustainability.

This quarter saw all roads leading to Kampala in February, 2023, when the APCA board of directors held its first quarterly meeting for this calendar year. The 2-day very engaging itinerary included an interactive session on optimizing the governance and management functions of the organisation that was attended by all APCA staff and board, an orientation session on corporate governance for all board members and senior management, facilitated by APCA’s last board chair and organizational development expert, Andre Wagner, as well as the quarterly business board meeting to provide guidance and support for the organization.

As expected, the board members brought a lot of enthusiasm and expertise to the meeting, and the interaction between the new and old directors ensured that everyone fully understands their core obligations, and can apply their expertise to drive the APCA mission forward, thus paving the way for APCA’s cause in a sound, legal manner.

Out of the 10 board members, 7 members made it physically to Kampala and the 3 who were unable to travel attended the sessions virtually. Staff warmly welcomed the new board 2022 – 2025, and the board members were excited to meet the energetic team, through whom APCA can meet its mandate.

To read more about APCA’s board members, please follow the links;

  1. Thobekile Finger (Chair of the Board)
  2. Prof Ikeoluwapo O. Ajayi (Vice Chair of the Board)
  3. Bernard Tei-Mensah Dornoo (Honorary Secretary)
  4. Frederick Kibbedi (Honorary Treasurer)
  5. Prof Liz Gwyther
  6. Dr Zippy Ali
  7. Diederik de Savornin Lohman
  8. Lídia Justino Mondlane
  9. Dr Rene Krause
  10. Irene Among

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