Healing Hands in the Heart of Crisis – Humanitarian Endeavours in Nigeria

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In the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster that left a community in disarray, the Rosana Empowerment Foundation (REF) sprang into action. Swiftly mobilizing its resources, REF went beyond immediate relief, under the compassionate leadership of Ambassador Ejiogu Vitus Chibueze, the Executive Director. His guidance would soon shape a narrative of resilience and recovery.

The disaster not only left a once-thriving community in shambles but also inflicted emotional tolls on survivors. Recognizing the urgent need to address both immediate and long-term impacts on mental and emotional well-being, REF embarked on a mission to establish a model for humanitarian settings that prioritized the integration of palliative care.

This visionary approach acknowledged the interconnectedness of physical and emotional healing, emphasizing that palliative care was not just a medical intervention but a holistic response to the multifaceted challenges faced by survivors.

Ambassador Chibueze and his team journeyed to Okporo Orlu, a community still reeling from the disaster’s aftermath. Here, amidst the remnants of what once was, REF initiated a comprehensive program that combined immediate relief efforts with a focus on long-term recovery. Engaging with local healthcare providers and community leaders, the foundation designed a sustainable framework for integrating palliative care within the broader humanitarian response.

Training initiatives became a cornerstone of REF’s approach, empowering local healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills to deliver palliative care effectively. The foundation’s collaboration with partners extended beyond immediate relief to policy advocacy, collectively working towards shaping standards for palliative care within the broader humanitarian sector.

“Healing Hands in the Heart of Crisis” unfolded as a narrative of resilience and compassion. The integration of palliative care was not merely a goal but a lifeline for those grappling with the aftermath of crises. REF’s commitment to this cause was a testament to its unwavering dedication to holistic healing and recovery.

The story illuminated the importance of PallCHASE’s mission, showcasing how the integration of palliative care in humanitarian settings was not just a response to crisis but a proactive measure to restore dignity and hope to those affected. It illustrated how REF’s commitment seamlessly aligned with PallCHASE’s mission to advocate, create platforms, and support the development of evidence-based palliative care in humanitarian situations.

As we eagerly share these stories with the PallCHASE community, we hope to inspire a collective understanding of the transformative power of palliative care in the heart of a crisis and reinforce the notion that compassionate response is the cornerstone of effective humanitarian aid.

Author: Ejiogu Vitus Chibueze, Executive Director, Rosana Empowerment Foundation (REF)

This article is republished from the Pallchase website (23/02/2024) with permission.

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