Learning from each other improves Palliative & End of Life Care: Exchange program has its benefits

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The Ongata Ngong Palliative Care Community team-Kenya (ONPACC) visited Hospice Ethiopia in May and a great connection it was. The reception was on another level with Ethiopian coffee served as we connected.

Exchange program is an arrangement in which people from different countries visit each other’s country, perhaps to strengthen links between them or to improve palliative care skills.

 Networking with other colleagues in the same industry connects new knowledge, experiences and develop strong relationship. The team discussed different issues which are common in both countries and the differences in patients care.

From left: Mr. Ephrem Abathun- Executive Director  Hospice Ethiopia, Stella Rithara- IAHPC board, Gloria Gakii- ONPACC program director.

Mr. Ephrem Abathun with a client (Day care centre)

 Day care is a model care designed for patients being cared for at home, where they come to the hospice for socialisation, support each each and get reviewed by health providers.

Mr. Ephrem’s goal during day care is to coordinate the team to help the patients and family members overcome the depression, anxiety and fear during care.

This helps patients achieve an active life at home knowing someone somewhere cares for them and ready to listen.

Hospice Ethiopia team, great work you are doing, reaching the unreachable, covering distance after distance during home visit.

ONPACC team learnt a lot from your team as well as left some knowledge and skills behind.

‘’Supporting each other is key in caring for patients with palliative care needs’’ – Mr Ephrem.

‘’ Networking builds stronger support network and broaden relationships’’ – Ms Gakii.

Both teams were able to inspire, inform and empower  each other and discussed increasing palliative care practices through education and creating awareness to palliative care services across the countries.

Stella Rithara signing the visitor’s book. It was fruitful meeting and we look forward to more networking.

This year World Hospice and Palliative Care day will be celebrated on 14th October, 2023 with the theme: Compassionate communities together for palliative care.

Hospice Ethiopia will be celebrating 20 years anniversary during world hospice day embracing compassionate communities while ONPACC will be celebrating 13 years in Volunteering community service.

Written by Ephrem Abathun, Stella Rithara and  Gloria Gakii

Partners in reaching the unreachable through community compassionate



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