Organisation development training for APCA staff

Categories: Education.

The one day workshop was attended by 15 staff and was very participatory, interactive and above all educative. Some of the topics that were covered included: Understanding the processes involved in developing policies & procedures, strategic planning & management, governance and the role of the board in NGOs, and leadership development & succession planning;

Because of the level of interest, the day’s agenda was not fully exhausted  none the less the participants were happy with what had been delivered and follow up training is planned. The workshop was characterized by lots of Q&A sessions, case studies and experience sharing by both the facilitator and participants.

It offered an opportunity for staff at the different levels to think about various aspects of their jobs; both at APCA and in their careers generally, and how to become better employees and supervisors and ultimately better people! Staff majorly enjoyed the sessions on policies and procedures and succession planning.

According to staff, the training was, “An eye-opener, inspirational, elaborative, informative, educative, well-targeted, relevant and reflective”. One of the participants is quoted here to show how much the workshop was appreciated ; “I had planned not to attend this workshop today because I thought it was going to be a very boring workshop. However, my supervisor insisted that I come even if for just the morning session. However, I am so glad I came and I have no regrets whatsoever because I have learnt a lot of things”.

This highlights the need for regular staff training in organisational development as well  other areas to allow staff acquire new knowledge and skills to do their job better.

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