The WHPCA and the Global Palliative Care Community Need your Support to Keep World Day Going

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The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) launched a special fundraising campaign to support World Day. WHPCA, in cooperation with our other international partners, does all the organising, theme planning, Toolkit development, design, promoting web management, and a lot of other work that is not funded. WHPCD will be on 14 October 2023 and the theme is Compassionate Communities: Together for Palliative Care.

Over the years, we have tried hard to get a sponsor for World Day (let me know if you know of anyone who might be interested) without success, so we are relying on you the global palliative care community to help keep World Day going by making an easy donation to the campaign.

WHPCD is the one day each year when we focus global attention on the access abyss to care for those most seriously ill in our communities. At least 60 million people need palliative care each year and only 12% of that need is met. With your help, we can make a difference in someone’s life. No amount is too small and every coin counts. Let’s come together in the spirit of solidarity and keep World Day advocacy going. Share this information widely with your stakeholders, members, contacts, and everyone who will be celebrating or participating in WHPCD. Together we can do more.

Find out more about the fundraising campaign, our work, and how you can give HERE.

You can also access an article with a bit more information on ehospice HERE.

We would also love to know when and where your World Day event will be held. This helps us to take note, and measure the impact and reach of the World Day Campaign. You also get to see and let the world know about your event on the Global Map for World Day. Add your event HERE

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