Violet’s 5 Questions: A deep dive into deep conversations

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In this series, we invite people to unravel a high stakes or “tender” conversation that has stayed with them by answering 5 key questions on how it went. Violet’s 5 questions are co-designed by best-selling author and palliative care physician, Dr Kathryn Mannix and can be used to inform anyone’s reflective practice around important conversations, no matter the context.

Episode 1: Dr Kathryn Mannix

We open the podcast by welcoming co-creator of Violet’s 5 Questions, Dr Kathryn Mannix. A palliative care physician who has had her fair share of daunting conversations, shares a personal conversation with us about grief, and what she learned from silence.

Episode 2: Dr Imogen Mitchell

In Episode Two Dr Imogen Mitchell, Intensive care specialist and Executive director for research and academic partnerships at the Canberra Hospital and Dean at ANU Medical School talks about a conversation that she wishes she had approached very differently.

Episode 3: Terri Soller

In Episode Three we talk to Terri Soller, Managing Director at Conversus Leaders, whose expertise include executive coaching and leadership capacity. Terri revisits a conversation with her father after he refuses further medical treatment.

Episode 4: Rose Dillon

In Episode Four Violet’s Manager of Experience and Engagement, Rose Dillon, shares her experience talking to her mother about advance care planning.

Episode 5: Jo Wood

In Episode Five we talk to Jo Wood, a Palliative Care Social Worker. Jo reflects on a series of conversations between herself, an elderly woman with dementia and her husband.

Episode 6: Rod MacLeod

In Episode 6, the season 1 finale, we speak to Professor Rod Macleod, a longtime Palliative Care Physician and the Chair of Violet’s Clinical Committee. Rod chooses one of the 15,000 end-of-life conversations he’s had over the course of his career in medicine to reflect on.

Listen to all 6 episodes here!

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About Violet

Violet is a national social enterprise, making a positive contribution to the last stage of life.

The Violet Initiative (Violet) exists to reduce regretful outcomes in the last stage of life for Australians, their caregivers and their families.

Violet provides free services, programs and resources to anyone in the community who is caring for someone in the last stage of their life (in either an informal or formal role) to help them be better prepared and supported on their journey.

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This information was extracted with permission from Violet.

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