BECAUSE I CARE – Organizations and individuals show their support of caregivers by writing a pledge for National Carers Day

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It is a day to recognize the contribution of family members, friends, neighbours and other significant people who provide unpaid caring role for someone who needs help because of a physical or cognitive condition, an injury or a chronic life-limiting illness. Carers Canada is proud to raise our voice with caring stakeholders and individuals to show carers, also known as family caregivers, matter.

Led by Carers Canada, Because I Care – Recognizing Caring Canadians is a virtual awareness campaign to capture the diversity and number of Canadians who support the well-being of millions of carers in Canada. Central to the campaign is a “Caring Wall” where individuals and organizations show they care by adding their name, picture or logo, and a written pledge. “The Caring Wall is a small action that will create a big impact for millions of Canadians. It is a few minutes of your time to help build awareness and raise our voice in recognition of the immeasurable contributions caregivers make every day,” says Anthony Milonas, COO CBI Health Group, signatory partner of Carers Canada.

From health care personnel to public policy makers, community groups to business executives, politicians to family members – there is more each of us can do to better support carers. “It is encouraging to see this diverse group of individuals and organizations adding their name to the Caring Wall to show they care,” stated Nadine Henningsen, Executive Director of Canadian Home Care Association and President of Carers Canada. “Caregiving has truly become one of the most important social and economic policy issues worldwide. We are honoured to have organizations from other countries, such as Carers Australia, pledge in support of Canadian’s carers.”

To commemorate National Carers Day, Carers Canada encourages everyone to join the national conversation by adding #thxcarers to their tweets and across their social media platforms. We aim to create an online community of sharing where our nation comes together to talk about carers and inspire others to action.

Carers Canada encourages all Canadians to get involved this National Carers Day:

Today, take a moment to show your appreciation to the Canadian caregivers.

For more information, please visit Carers Canada.

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