Cheque for $93,325.37 donated to the palliative care unit at Grey Nuns Hospital

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The group, composed of her friends and family, explains that the goal was to make the palliative care unit a more home-like environment.

While Simms’ family and friends made an effort to bring personal items to her room in the palliative care unit, accommodations such as the room’s single bed presented obstacles to creating a comfortable environment. As Simms’ mother, Lesley Gierulski, explains, the size of the bed left visitors such as her children and husband to sit in chairs beside the bed with their arms overtop of her. Simms continues to say that Grey Nuns has “the best medical care, the most compassionate people… the only thing missing is the esthetics.” A friend of Simms’ adds that patients in palliative care should have the same quality of experience patients receive in the maternity ward.

With the donation, 3 of the unit’s 20 rooms will be renovated to move the focus away from machines and medical equipment with the addition of curtains, lamps, artwork and larger beds. Simms’ friend explains that by creating this home-like space families can comfortably spend as much time as time as possible with their loved one in their final moments. She explains that with this type of accommodation, Simms’ friends and family definitely could have been more moments together at the end. Over time, the Clitar Heroes hope to have all the rooms in Grey Nuns’ palliative care unit renovated.

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