Creative Thinking in Meeting the Needs of Canada’s Aging Population: Lessons from Denmark?

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Currently, nearly half of Ontario’s health care spending is attributed to acute care settings for older adults. Like Canada, Denmark also has a rapidly aging population, yet has initiatives in place to provide most geriatric care outside of the hospital system.  Additionally, Denmark has ceased construction of conventional nursing homes for older people. In place of these homes, focus has been shifted to developing independent specialized housing and home care services, aiming to allow people to stay at home for as long as possible. Sinha sees this model being very applicable in Canada. Sinha highlights the economic benefits of the model as he says “home care costs 1/20th of the price of a hospital bed.” Beyond financial benefits, the Danish model also benefits patients by allowing them to stay close to their support networks. In Denmark, home care services often include access to 24-hour care from a nurse, home adaptations, financial assistance and the provision of meals.   

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