Innovative Medicines Canada and Queen’s University launch Medical Ethics Studentship

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The scholarship will be used to fund a studentship for a Queen’s student enrolled in the School of Medicine in the summer immediately after their first or second year. Under the supervision of a School of Medicine Faculty member, the student will undertake research, clinical work or academic endeavours in medical ethics, including, but not limited to, biopharmaceutical ethics.

Quick Facts

  • The value of the Studentship will be variable, up to $5,000 per summer, and will culminate with the production of a report that will highlight the significance of the award and the impact it has had on the applicant’s research.
  • The Studentship will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrated interest in medical ethics, as well as the merits of the proposed research, clinical work or academic endeavour.
  • Applicants will submit applications per the Undergraduate Medical Education summer studentship application process, and will then be chosen by the School of Medicine Awards Committee.


“Ethics and integrity in the pharmaceutical and medical fields have always been a passion of mine. Innovative Medicines Canada and Queen’s University have been leaders in this field, both domestically and internationally, and I am pleased that this Studentship will continue the advancement of medical ethics.” – Russell Williams

“Scientific and technical discoveries in medicine provide new and exciting therapeutic options to patients, but are often accompanied by ethical and moral issues both for physicians and society.  This generous scholarship, provided in recognition of Russell Williams, will allow medical students to pursue individual studies in the ethical and moral aspects of the medical care, better preparing them to engage and lead these discussions in the increasingly complex world they will engage through their careers.” – Dr. Anthony Sanfilippo, Professor; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medicine Program, Queen’s University