Liberal Caucus Encourages Nova Scotians To Adopt Advance Care Planning

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Advance care planning is all about letting people know your health care wishes and naming someone to make those decisions in case you are unable to.

“It’s something that nobody likes to think about, including me,” Rankin said.

“However, the last thing anyone wants in one of those situations is confusion about what to do next. In order to respect the patient’s and family’s wishes for end-of-life care, we need to know what those wishes are.”

Recent polls have revealed that fewer than 50 per cent of Canadians have talked with their loved ones and nearly 40 per cent are actually ‘creeped out’ by the conversation.

To encourage conversation on this issue, on April 15 members of all three of Nova Scotia’s political parties will gather at Province House for a photo with members of the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association (NSHPCA).

The photo will become part of the national Look Who’s Talking Campaign, one component of National Advance Care Planning Day promotional events. The “Look Who’s Talking” website features photos and quotes from individuals and groups across the Country explaining why they feel advance care planning is important.

“Advance care planning contributes to maintaining quality of life until the end of life and allows individuals to die with dignity and respect,” said Colleen Cash, executive director of NSHPCA.

“This desire for quality of life is important to everyone regardless of age, disease, and cultural background.”

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