Champlain LHIN adopts integrated health service plan

Categories: Policy.

It is aligned to provincial priorities and local health needs based on sound planning principles. There are six key result areas in the plan. They are:

– More people are involved in planning their health services

– More people receive quality, evidence-based care

– More people with mental health conditions and addictions have access to services

– More seniors are cared for in their communities

– More people with complex health conditions are able to manage their conditions

– More people at end of life, families and caregivers receive palliative care supports in their setting of choice

Three strategies will drive these results: first, to build a strong foundation of integrated primary, home and community care, second, to improve coordination and transitions of care, and third, to increase coordination and integration of services among hospitals. The new plan will take effect on April 1, 2013. It will be made available to the public in English and French in early 2013.