Marilyn Gladu Hopes Palliative Care Bill Will Help Suffering Canadians Choose To Live

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Marilyn Gladu’s Bill C-277 will be debated in the House of Commons Wednesday. It comes on the heels of the Liberal legislation to expand physician-assisted dying, and the Sarnia, Ont., MP believes her bill may help Canadians who are suffering choose to live rather than seek help ending their lives because they can’t manage their pain.

“Where there is good palliative care, people choose to live as well as they can for as long as they can,” she told The Huffington Post Canada Tuesday.

The rookie MP’s bill calls for the development and implementation of a framework designed to give Canadians access to palliative care in hospitals, home, care, long-term care facilities, and residential hospices. Among other things it gives the federal government one year to work with the provinces to identify:

  • training and education needs for health providers;
  • measures to support palliative caregivers, and;
  • measures to facilitate consistent access to palliative care across Canada.

Gladu also wants the federal government to consider amending the Canada Health Act to include palliative care services.

An e-petition in support of her bill notes that 70 per cent of Canadians do not have access to quality palliative care. More than 1,400 people signed on to let Health Minister Jane Philpott know they want the government to endorse Gladu’s bill. It is one of 89 petitions focused on palliative care that has been tabled in the Commons since last November.

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