Ontario hospice set to offer pediatric palliative care

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They have received over $40,000 in funding in order to prepare both their space and their staff to take on this new challenge. Maison Vale’s executive director, Leo Therrien knows that dealing with children at the end of life “takes its toll” on staff members, and staff have spent time at children’s hospices in Toronto and Ottawa to see how they operate, and staff from these hospices have also offered to come to Sudbury to train and support Maison Vale’s staff. The goal is to eventually have a couple suites available, overlooking Bethel Lake, where families can spend time together and make the most of the time they have with their children. Many times, families are forced to split up when a child falls ill and there is no pediatric hospice palliative care available close to home. The biggest donation to the project came from Green Shield Canada, and was inspired by the experience that an employee’s father, John Dennis, had when he spent his last few weeks of life at Maison Vale. His daughter, Cara Dennis, spoke at a gathering at the hospice about her father’s key role in acquiring the land for Maison Vale to be built, and how special it was to him. Funding for the project also came from United Way, the Sudbury Community Foundation and the National Bank of Canada’s Altamira Foundation. The Pediatric Hospice Palliative Care Pilot Project will offer care to children aged 12 to 18 years who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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