Primary Care Toolkit – Ontario Specific

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There are tools for both professionals and patients/families. Some are geared towards the Ontario context.

  • Posters/Infographics  – These are simple presentations of the steps of advance care planning.  They can be used as posters or handouts.
  • Patient Handout – This handout encourages patients to talk to their primary care provider about advance care planning.  It describes what ACP is, why they should do it and when/how.  It provides a link specifically to the Ontario workbook for more information.
  • Provider Handout – This handout tells primary care practioners why they should do ACP, what it is and provides them with practical suggestions and suggested conversation starters.
  • Your Substitute Decision Maker(s) and Power of Attorney for Personal Care – This handout is important for patients to help them to understand the importance of communicating with a substitute decision maker and describes what is meant by a power of attorney for personal care, and the steps to preparing one.
  • Glossary of Terms – This is a glossary of terms that are common when discussing wishes for care.
  • Thinking about my wishes for future health care – Template – This document is intended for patients to think about their values and express their wishes for future health care.  It is not a document that tells people what to do in the future, it is meant to help people to talk to their doctor and substitute decision maker about the kinds of care they may or may not want.  It asks a number of questions.

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