Profile: St. Joseph’s Hospice, London

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With one of the largest volunteer, in-home support programs in Ontario, St. Joseph’s offers bereavement, caregiver and palliative care programs at no cost to its clients. In partnership with the Good Grief Resource Centre, St. Joseph’s also offers a day camp from July 15 to 26 for children who have experienced the loss of someone significant in their lives. Activities such as group sharing, artistic expression and games are used to aid youth in processing their feelings and moving toward healing. St. Joseph’s describes the camp environment as nurturing and supportive with the intention of helping children to understand their sorrow and loss. Overall, the compassionate support offered by the St. Joseph’s Hospice is well-reflected as a client says “coming to Hospice is like getting a big hug. It always makes me feel better.”   

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For more information about St. Joseph’s Hospice, click here

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