Realigning Services to Enhance Patient Care

Categories: Care.

This blueprint will provide us with a roadmap to address the changes that we need to make in our programs and services given the new funding formula from the government and  it’s combined major shift from acute care to places like Bruyère and more community focused services (home care, hospice, convalescence in long-term care, etc.).

By realigning some services that we currently offer we can meet the expectations put on us by the Ministry, but more importantly, better serve our patients and residents.

Some of the recommendations from the Ministry and the Dr. Sinha Seniors Health report we are already working on. For instance, we were ahead of our peers when planning for the Bruyère Village several years ago. Today we are about to launch into phase two (the launch of the lease campaign is March 9) with phase one almost full. As highlighted last week, we are embarking on an ambitious initiative with the creation of a hospice in the west end of Ottawa. This hospice is the work of a partnership between Hospice Ottawa Services and Bruyère.  Just this week, four hospice beds were opened at a temporary location. Both projects show a direct alignment with the work the Ministry is expecting of us.

With the support from the Board to continue to develop our operational blueprint, we can now begin to engage more broadly and quickly our Bruyère family and external stakeholders beginning with the LAF membership on Tuesday, February 26.  Some major changes need to be made to meet our financial challenges and to better serve our patients, residents, clients and their families.  Our patients needs and the population overall has significantly changed in the last five years. For example, Saint-Vincent Hospital staff are caring for a sub-acute patient population. It is not a final destination for most but more of a transition point to somewhere else.

I feel we are quite capable of succeeding with the implementation of the blueprint, but we need your input to ensure we have it right. We will be transparent and inclusive; this is my commitment to you. Every hospital in Ontario has to look inward, Bruyère, working with health care peers, is no different. Delivering exceptional care is never at risk. The changes being considered only enhance this commitment.

As our patient and resident needs change, so must we.