Say Thanks Doc! To Your Doctor on May 1st

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Whether it’s in a hospital, a long-term care home, a clinic or at home, Ontario’s doctors are making a positive difference in the lives of patients by providing high-quality care when it’s needed most.

To recognize Ontario’s 26,000+ medical professionals, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) is launching its annual Doctors’ Day campaign starting on May 1st. During the month of May, patients and their families and general members of the public are invited to celebrate Doctors’ Day by submitting a personalized thank-you message to their doctor and sharing their stories through or by tweeting using #thanksdoc. Every patient submission will be entered into a draw to win an ipad prize.

Windsor resident Kenneth Owen wants to thank his palliative care physician for helping him face his fears of dying, and helping him to die at home, in comfort, for as long as possible. “We look to doctors to perform miracles, and sometimes they can. Other times, when they can’t, they do something almost as amazing,” said Mr. Owen. “They make it possible to come to grips with dying, to know that it is simply part of life, and you can do it in comfort, with dignity, and without fear. That’s what Dr. Darren Cargill at The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County has done for me, and on this Doctors’ Day, I just wanted to say thank you.”

“I know I speak on behalf of my colleagues when I say it is a great privilege for us to treat and care for our patients every day. Today is an opportunity when I, alongside patients, thank each and every one of Ontario’s 26,000 doctors for the amazing work that they do,” said OMA President Dr. Ved Tandan, a surgeon from Hamilton, Ontario.

May 1st was recognized by the provincial government in 2011 as the official day of appreciation for Ontario’s medical profession. The date was chosen to mark the birthday of Canada’s first female physician, Dr. Emily Stowe. To celebrate Doctors’ Day, hospitals, health clinics and other community organizations are invited to recognize doctors who are transforming care in their organization and in their community.

Fast Facts about Ontario Doctors

  • Number of practicing physicians in Ontario: approximately 26,000
  • Number of specialists: 14,100
  • Number of general practitioners: 12,300
  • Ontario’s doctors treat approximately 320,000 patients each day and approximately 5.9 million in the emergency department each year.
  • Average hours of work by a doctor: 55 hours/week
  • Number of first year students enrolled in medical school in Ontario: 1,000
  • Average number of years to complete medical education: 8-12 years, plus ongoing, mandatory continuing professional development courses
  • Each physician’s office (through overhead) contributes the equivalent of 4 full-time jobs in their community, generates $205,000 in GDP and generates $50,000 in tax revenue for the municipal, provincial and federal governments.

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