Small moments build beautiful memories

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I have been touched by so many encounters, and the passion of those who give so freely of themselves to help others.

I was having dinner one evening when a woman approached me after seeing my shirt; she was a nurse with the local leukemia unit and had seen me on the news. We talked a bit before she handed me $50 and gave me a look I will never forget, one filled with understanding. Another man stopped as I was walking on a particularly hot day; he had seen me on his way to a pow-wow in the morning and drove 20 km past his home on the way back to give me some water and fruit. These moments keep me inspired.

On Thursday I visited with ARCH hospice in Sault Ste. Marie and was fortunate to participate in their first Butterfly Release in Bellevue Park. Over 200 people attended this touching evening, where monarch butterflies are released to honour loved ones, celebrate momentous occasions, or simply to help give back to nature. It was a celebratory yet reflective night, full of both smiles and tears. It’s a powerful thing, to accept death as natural and to embrace the beauty in each moment.

I am now preparing for what will likely be the most challenging leg of the trip, the walk from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay. It’s remote, it’s rugged, and it contains both magnificent scenery and the infamous Montreal River Hill. But I feel ready for this challenge. With each new day I feel stronger and more confident knowing I have so many there with me. I won’t let you down.

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