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ehospice and PACED are pleased to announce an emerging partnership around our shared desire to promote awareness of all aspects of Palliative Care.

PACED was formed in 2017 so that more people in Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states receive high quality palliative care. While education is at the heart of PACED’s work, they are involved in a range of activities to help ensure palliative care reaches all those who need it.

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To begin with the ehospice Editorial edition will publish their monthly Digests of Palliative Care News. We begin below with a summary of their 2023 digests


Dear colleagues!

In 2023 we started to collect and share the digest of palliative care professional news. In future we plan to test new release formats, to expand the range of topics and sections. Dear professionals, we hope that you will find plenty of information useful for development of your skills and knowledge in the digests.

Last year we selected 35 materials from all the news covering everything interesting in palliative care. For your convenience, we have organised them into sections:


Palliative care education

End of life

The role of the nurse in palliative care

Interesting research

Palliative care system

New and unusual forms of work

Treatment and care

Useful materials


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