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The Library of Legends is a public art installation that will pop up at Potterrow Plaza, Edinburgh from 1-7 November 2023, as part of the To Absent Friends festival.

The Library of Legends is a place where people can go to remember and share stories of people they have lost.

It welcomes anyone who wants to share a story or make art  about someone who has died.

Visitors are also welcome just to relax, reflect and explore  contributions made by previous visitors.

On hand to help people find their creativity and share their stories will be artists John Martin Fulton and Russell McGovern.

Even if you have no experience or confidence in art they’ll help you find a way to tell the story of your lost loved one if you want to.


People who have died remain a part of our lives – their stories are our stories.  But sometimes life moves so fast, it can be hard to find opportunities to share those stories.

We want to build a Library of Legends that captures and shares as many of these stories as we can.  Because dead ordinary people live on in the memories and stories we share.

drop in

Passersby are welcome to come into the the library, whether to browse the shelves, or to contribute their own story or art work.  The Library will be at Potterrow Plaza, Edinburgh, 10am-4:30pm, 1-7 November.

pre-book a group visit

1-7 November we’ll be running morning art workshops at the Library for community groups who’d like to contribute their stories and artwork.  Email: jmfultonart@gmail to book your group visit.

activities to try

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to try, either on your own or in a group: Library of Legends activities to try

send us your stories

We want to fill the library with stories and memories and reminicences of all kinds.  Send us your stories, poems, pictures, paintings – anything that you’d like to share – and we’ll fill the Library with your Legends.

If you find structure helpful, check out these ideas for activities: Library of Legends activities to try  Don’t feel you need to use this – we’re happy to take your contributions in all forms!

You can send your submission to us by email or by post. Email: jmfultonart@gmail or post to: Samara Leibner, SPPC, CBC House, 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EG.  (By sending us your contribution you are consenting to have it on display in the Library of Legends, and part of any subsequent online/book compilation we make afterwards.)

We welcome contributions from individuals or groups.

stay in touch

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Drawings by John Martin Fulton and Russell McGovern for the Library of Legends

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