Clinical Psycho Oncology: Indian Perspectives and Research

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This book on clinical psycho oncology  by Dr Santosh K Chaturvedi, an eminent psycho-oncologist, provides resource material on psycho oncology from Indian perspective and  includes Indian research and literature.  “This is not a textbook but should help clinicians and researchers looking after cancer patients and their families- says Dr Santosh”
This book also provides experiences from an Indian perspective, keeping in view the unique socio- cultural, economic and traditional society and their practices. The role of family in every aspect of care is also emphasised.  This book is expected to inspire clinicians to practice psycho oncology from an Indian perspective and conduct indigenous research for the benefit of Indian clinicians and cancer patients and their families.
“The work done by the author, as a synthesis of a whole life dedicated to research and clinical care in psychiatry and oncology, will be of extreme help for cancer specialists, general practitioners, nurses and mental health professionals in general, filling a gap relative to the extreme need to have a cross-cultural and social view of cancer, as it is for this book which thoughtfully examines the field from an Indian perspective”- writes Professor Luigi Grassi Emeritus,  President, International Psycho Oncology Society, in the  Foreword of the book.
This book is available on Amazon:
CLINICAL PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY: Indian Perspectives and Research: Chaturvedi, Prof Santosh K: 9798598397831:
 eBook can also be accessed from the  website of Dr Santosh K Chaturvedi

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