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The  poem Hibernation is penned by Ms Nanditha Vismaya, a first year Bachelor of Design (B. Des) student with Srishti Manipal Institute, Bengaluru, India.

When asked about what inspired Ms Vismaya to pen this poem, she shared that “The emptiness, the suffocation, the experience of going through a myriad of new feelings during the earlier days of the pandemic where I could not see any patterns but only pure strangeness; and the article ‘A shift on the front line’ by Silvia Castelletti, made me think about this thread that still keep us all connected, and that all we are craving for now is.. breath”

This poem describes India’s situation as she is being ravaged by Covid 19. It also demonstrates how the world is grappling with a situation that has never been experienced before and how mankind is now  forced to face challenges of  isolation, quarantines, and  lockdowns; all of which confine one to their rooms, away from one’s near and dear ones’ and, from the general world outside. The poet feels that this strange isolation is successful in snatching away all the happiness of a colourful and vibrant life that a young adult had been aspiring for.

The poem also showcases the multitude impact of Covid 19 on our very resilient society and also acknowledges the selfless work extended by our saviours, the front line health workers who work tirelessly to serve those innumerable people who are gasping for air, or have already taken their last breath of air.



Four long weeks it has been

Without going out,

Without eating out,

Closed indoors,

Wanna just walk out

And breath a bit.



Four long shifts it has been

at a single stretch.

The same ward,

The same beds,

Wanna just get out of these (PPE) layers

And breath a bit.



How long it has been!

In this chill,

On this green bed,

No sights around,

No sounds around,

Wanna just breathe a bit.

To fill my dear heart.

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